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Novus International
01. Summing Up Novus
Part: 01
02. Summing Up Customer Benefits
Part: 02
03. Summing Up Sustainability
Part: 03
04. Summing Up Performance and Data
Part: 04

Highlights 2013

  • Improving Customer Productivity & Profitability
Methionine Research

Our new research from Brazil suggests a profit increase of 0.68 cents for every bird processed through an increase of methionine (HMTBa) level in feed.

Egg Production

Results from a study in Poland showed that hatchable eggs increased by 7.9% when adding chelated trace minerals at half the level of inorganic trace minerals in the feed mix.

Product Award

In March 2013, Novus was presented the Animal Feed Ingredients Product Differentiation Excellence Award for our trace minerals product line MINTREX®.

Feed Cost Reduction

Novus enabled $1.4 million annual savings in poultry production through an enzyme addition to poultry diets proven in a trial with a large customer in Russia.

Novus Enzyme Forum

We held a knowledge building forum to work on the best model for using enzymes in animal diets in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Animal Welfare

Research trials found that including AVIMATRIX® feed supplement in diets has a significant effect on the quality of chicken foot pads, an important measure of animal well-being.

Environmental Impact

Trials in Thailand and in the U.S. confirmed an excretion rate of copper, zinc and manganese which is half of regular animal excretions, due to use of chelated trace minerals in animal diets.

Reducing Inputs

Data indicated that broiler chickens fed HMTBa as a source of methionine get to market weight quicker than with competitive products. This reduces inputs required and environmental impact.

World Egg Day

Novus reached more than one million consumers in partnership with our customers during  World Egg Day in 2013.

Novus Scholars

The Novus Scholars Program welcomed 11 students from China, Thailand and Australia to develop their knowledge in the U.S. in 2013.

Aquaculture Innovation Award

In 2013, Novus announced Dr. Amir Sagi, Ph.D., as the recipient of the 2013 Novus Global Aquaculture Innovation Award.

Product Launch

Novus launched a cherry-flavored soft chew featuring its NEM® brand eggshell membrane ingredient for joint health.

Eggshell Products

Novus’s subsidiary ESM Technologies became a corporate affiliate member of the Jordan Valley Innovation Center (JVIC) to further advance research in health applications for eggshell membrane products.

Health Solutions

A clinical study shows BLIS K12® oral probiotic demonstrated a reduction in the reoccurrence of ear and throat infections by more than 83% by boosting immune system defenses.

Continuous Improvement

Employees attended 686 training sessions and invested 1,480 hours in training to develop skills and capabilities in different functions.

Healthy Living

Novus was honored once again to win the American Heart Association “Fit Friendly” recognition for the third year running.

Safety First

Novus maintained a safe workplace with a low injury rate of 1.52 per 100 employees in 2013.

Reduced Shipping

Novus calculated a shipping saving of over 350,000 km in shipping due to changing the routing of key raw materials to our Asian manufacturing plants.

Nitrogen Reduction

At our plant in Chocolate Bayou, Texas, U.S.A., we reduced nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions by more than 60% with the installation of a new incinerator.

Responsible Sourcing

Novus sourced low dioxin oleoresins for 100% of our total sourced volume.

Saving Trees

We calculate the potential to save more than 20,000 printed sheets per year, saving paper, ink and electricity based on our 2013 review of our procurement practices.

Saving Water

Water consumption across Novus reduced by 11% per ton of production.

Decreasing Waste

Waste generation across Novus decreased by 5% per ton of production.


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