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Summing Up Perspectives: Thad Simons

The Connection Between Food Waste and the Talent Pipeline

Globally we waste so much food. Recent statistics on food waste are staggering. Ultimately, it's a question of management. As I move into the next phase of my professional journey, I have a mission to help building business and management skills for young people in agriculture. I think there is tremendous potential to address infrastructure challenges, efficient supply chains and better communications so as to identify the solutions and manage their implementation effectively. We need to create an understanding of the need for purposeful education – some may refer to it as vocational education – and help young people understand what agriculture is and the degree of technology and sophistication that needs to be managed in agriculture today. 


Advice to Young People About Careers in Agriculture

Young people should understand and experience the diversity of careers and opportunity that exists in agriculture today. For people who want a career in finance, this can blend perfectly with opportunities in agriculture. In Africa, for example, financial skills are critically needed to build new systems for commodity exchanges and trading. Working in agriculture is not just ploughing fields or tending to chickens. Even at Novus, many people work in the office but all they do goes to support sustainable agriculture. Internships are important for people to experience how things work. We always tried to do this at Novus, to help attract young people to our industry. 


Years of Achievement

It has been a privilege to have been able to lead the organization this past thirteen years. I started out when we were a small start-up company with 70 or so people. Everyone worked so hard together lot to get things done, we were a tight team. We had to keep orders coming and build the organization globally. It was such an exciting time, but it was also difficult, struggling to remain focused on what we needed for growth and also diversify the organization so as not to be totally dependent on one core product. Then, as now, we remained true to our overall vision and how be a better partner with our customers, satisfying shareholders and keeping employees engaged. We worked hard at that, adopting the Novus Management System early on in our development. We also chose to speak up as a leader in our industry. that wasn't typical for animal agriculture companies, and we increased our presence in more places that you would think 800 people could ever show up  We were aiming to attract a broader coalition to ensure we could move our industry forward together, for the benefit of all. 

There are two things I am most proud of. The first is what we have done at Novus and how we remained true to the Novus vision. The second is how we have upheld our core values. It's about the integrity of the organization. That's what motivates people.