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Novus International
01. Summing Up Novus
Part: 01
02. Summing Up Customer Benefits
Part: 02
03. Summing Up Sustainability
Part: 03
04. Summing Up Performance and Data
Part: 04

Leadership Perspective

I was delighted to be nominated by our Board of Directors as the new President and CEO of Novus from April 1, 2014. Novus is a unique company with a truly global footprint in the animal nutrition space. We have great opportunities ahead as we embark on the next chapter in continuing our legacy of helping to feed the world affordable, wholesome food and achieve a higher quality of life. Sustainability is a cornerstone of this vision. Novus’s former CEO, Thad Simons, was a strong advocate of sustainability in agriculture and, under his leadership, sustainability became part of our strategy.  Novus’s primary focus is delivering value to our customers, but we are not only developing products and solutions that provide economic value, we do it in a way that supports environmental sustainability and social responsibility in animal nutrition and health.

Novus is going through a very dynamic period. Our business environment is changing, animal agriculture science is advancing, new products are emerging, regulatory challenges are extensive, environmental concerns and climate change considerations are prevalent, health and food safety issues are top of mind. All the while, poverty and hunger continue to affect a billion of the world's population. As a result, our customers, large and small, wherever they are located, confront, every day, one major overriding issue: their ability to make a sustainable profit. Commodity feed prices have continued to rise faster than consumer prices. All animal protein producers have felt the squeeze, and many have gone out of business. In this environment, we strongly believe that technology will help our customers maintain profitable and sustainable food production. Our objective is to become even more customer-centric, focusing on understanding in great detail the environment and conditions that our customers are challenged with and helping them by providing the best, innovative, science-based solutions available while leveraging our core competencies in nutrition, gut health and feed quality.

In this, our sixth sustainability report, we have tried to capture the more quantitative aspects of our contribution to global sustainability and how they align with our strategy, by summing up the sustainability impacts we generate through our core business and other activities to support the animal agriculture industry, our employees and business partners, and our environment. We have focused on our most important sustainability issues and how they help in our mission of making a clear difference in sustainably meeting the growing need for nutrition and health.

I hope you will find this 2013 Sustainability Report of interest and I welcome your feedback.

Francois Fraudeau

President and CEO

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