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Novus International
01. Summing Up Novus
Part: 01
02. Summing Up Customer Benefits
Part: 02
03. Summing Up Sustainability
Part: 03
04. Summing Up Performance and Data
Part: 04


Customer Productivity & Profitability

Customer Productivity & Profitability

As a feed ingredient manufacturer, we play a key role across the entire food value chain. It's not only about feeding animals. When we serve our customers by helping them produce more food with fewer resources and generate less waste throughout the food supply chain, we provide social, economic and environmental value and contribute to improving the quality of people's lives.
Benefits for Human Health and Nutrition

Benefits for Human Health and Nutrition

Stratum Nutrition is a specialty health ingredient supplier to the supplement and pet food industries. Stratum Nutrition offers a portfolio of branded, value-added ingredients developed in collaboration with global partnerships, based on consumer need, and supported by science.