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Novus International
01. Summing Up Novus
Part: 01
02. Summing Up Customer Benefits
Part: 02
03. Summing Up Sustainability
Part: 03
04. Summing Up Performance and Data
Part: 04


Engaged & Empowered Employees

At Novus, we remain committed to maintaining a positive, healthy, empowering and engaging workplace where a diverse group of people can come together in pursuit of a shared vision, mission and set of core values. We invest in the development and training of our employees, maintain one of the most advanced corporate wellness programs available for the benefit of all employees.
Supply Chain Efficiency

Supply Chain Efficiency

During the past year, we placed significant focus on increasing operational efficiency. By doing more with less, better utilizing the services we have, or better utilizing the resources we need, we are able to deliver services and products to our customers in a timely and efficient manner.
Community Solidarity

Community Solidarity

We support the communities where we live, serve and do business. We believe this contributes to the well-being of our communities as well as to employee motivation and engagement.

Governance & Ethical Conduct

Novus is committed to taking all necessary measures to ensure that best governance practices are upheld in our business. First and foremost, Novus acts in accordance with the law and all applicable regulations in every country in which Novus has a presence.

Key Sustainability Performance Indicators

An overview of Novus sustainability performance as compared to years prior.
Summing Up Perspectives: Thad Simons

Summing Up Perspectives: Thad Simons

Globally we waste so much food. Recent statistics on food waste are staggering. Ultimately, it's a question of management. As I move into the next phase of my professional journey, I have a mission to help building business and management skills for young people in agriculture.

About This Report

This sixth global Sustainability Report of Novus International, Inc. describes our approach to sustainability and the actions we have taken during 2013 to advance responsible and sustainable business practices.